Husband always finds fault

Arkansas - posted on 12/24/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband always always criticizes me about everything,I work 2 jobs both part time but still I tend to our daughter and do everything for her,I never ask him for a penny wouldn't do any good even if I did,and yet to him I'm still worthless .why?


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Mommabird - posted on 12/25/2014




Does HE work?
Doesnt sound like he respects you very much at all. Ive learnt from past relationships, sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself and demand respect. Respect is also a give and have to give it to get it. That goes both ways of course. Sounds like you two need to re-evaluate the marriage and decide if its worth saving or not. All marriages are worth saving as long as both are willing to put forth 100% effort in doing so.

Amy - posted on 12/25/2014




That sounds like a miserable marriage, a marriage is a partnership you shouldn't have to ask for money, nor should you tolerate anyone saying you're worthless. Get yourself some counseling to build your self esteem, if you want to save the marriage I suggest marriage counseling, if you don't want to save it see an attorney.

Michelle - posted on 12/24/2014




Because he doesn't respect or love you. You don't have to put up with anyone treating you like that at all.
You can either confront him and let him know how you feel and see if he will go to marriage counselling or let him know that you aren't going to put up being treated like that and leave.

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