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I have a friend. We moved to a new town recently and it is not easy to make new friends, so I only have this one best friend. She just got divorced and it was ugly. My husband and i helped where we could.
On her birthday, we took her and her kids out to lunch. We were all having fun and all of the sudden things turned awkward. My husband and my friend were sitting across from each other and were leaning towards each other. Hands almost touching.. It felt as if every one around us was watching! I felt shocked and just prayed that they would not kiss..that's how it looked! I'm not sure if they even noticed it. The kids have left the table. All of the sudden they jumped up saying we were going to buy ice cream. Everybody left me scrambling to get my stuff , the people at the table next to us looking at me funny because they know us, and when I got to the door he was paying the bill and she was standing outside. I don't even know if they know what they have done, when we got into our car my husband could not understand why I as so quiet. I'm not sure what to do next. I'm hurt and I know what I saw.


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Actually, you cannot KNOW what transpired between them because you cannot see into their minds, you can only see what they portray and few people portray the truth about what they are thinking or feeling.

Your husband seemed confused in the car afterwards. Chances are, he didn't realize what happened. Your friend just came out of a nasty divorce, she probably saw him being a great husband and father and it ignited feelings of loss for her over her own husband, and momentarily, she wanted that back. I think she temporarily allowed herself to get "lost" in that memory, then snapped out of it. It wasn't about your husband, any many would have ignited the feelings and pulled her in. She probably felt awful about having let herself go, and that is why she jumped up and changed the subject quickly. I don't think she will hit on your husband, she just had a weak moment wanting to be in a good relationship, a moment of mourning over her broken one.

While I wholeheartedly believe the above is the most likely scenario, I would avoid putting them in situations alone for the near future, lest she have another moment that she doesn't snap out of quickly enough. I know she is hurting, it's a big, deep pain, but your relationships with both your husband and her would be torn apart. She would regret the move, so it is best to be proactive and try to prevent it.

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