husband caught out

Natalie - posted on 07/21/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




hiya im 25 with 2 kids both very young - i am at my wits end as to what to do and needed some advice. my husband watches a lot of porn but also goes on websites like adultworks and recently posted ads up about himself online (5ft10 etc) i found out and confronted him about it he just said he does it out of boredom and we left it at that. i didnt believe him and in the past he has been on websites before we have argued over it and he said he would stop but he has not. a few days ago i created a email address (fake one) and emailed him through his post on craigslist he responded -

i eventually arranged a meet up at a fake address and told him to bring you know drinks condoms etc. there is a lot of aspects to his like him kissing me before he left for 'work' saying he loves me him working saying its busy when really he was going to meet 'her'. anyway i got a friend to call him when i knew he had left home all dressed to the nines...he said to her he was on his way i then left my kids with my dad and got a cab to the address - low behold he turned up!! i was devastated now i dont know where im at what to do - ive mentioned councelling but does it help? can he eveer change who he is - he knows he was wrong and has said how sorry he is but we have been married 5 years - we still have a good 50 to go - is it not better to seperate now as children so young? im so scared of being a single mom and having to see him when he sees the kids not been able to cuddle or kiss him how am i going to get through this? he says he never has went this far before but she was persistent - how can i trust he hasnt or wont in the future ?i really dont know what to do i love him so much but i cant forget what hes done. - in the past he has done similar things bt as far as i know not went this far. just texting other women emailing them- flirting all the time. and he works as a cabby so that makes it worse to trust as hes out 24/7. please any advice would really help me at this confusing time. xx he gave into temptation once after just 5 years of marriage whats to say he wont again - i have to forgive in order to move on but what if i cant

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