Husband caught planning to cheat on a wife

Nani - posted on 07/09/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, I saw the photos of naked girls on my husbands screen while he was playing video games, and it was so awkward i did not know how tor react, so I quickly left the room.

I am 7 months pregnant and we have not had sx for three month.
I did not say anything because I thought in the morning i will be fine. I thought about it all night long, and realized that we all have our needs, we have not had sex for a while, I am big, might not be attracted to me, bla, bla bla..... and few photos and porn videos I thought I can live with.

In the morning i still was not ok, something was bothering me; what if there is more than just innocent photos and videos. When he left for work i turned his computer, browsed through the history and saw what I already knew he was looking for/at for a long time now. But than I saw something that really disturbed me. I saw the information of call/escort girls in Portland with Phone Numbers. He is going to Portland for a business trip for a week. I confronted him, and he keeps saying that he is sorry, this is how man behave, that he practically did not go through with it, he begs me to forgive and trust him.

He is really good husband, well was a good husband, and I dont want to leave him. But , I do not know how continue living with him and knowing he was planning to cheat on me. I really wish that I could just close the door and leave, but on the other hand I love him, I believe he loves me too. I dont want to make his life miserable, because that would make my life miserable, but i don't want him to think that this is something can be swept under rug and forgotten and forgiven.


Jodi - posted on 07/09/2014




I'm sorry, but this is NOT how men behave. He is using that as an excuse. A good husband does not plan to have sex with other women. Ever. So I disagree that he is a good husband to you. You are pregnant with HIS child. How DARE he?

Tell him that if he wants your forgiveness and trust he has to earn it, because he earned your distrust in the first place. This is not something that should be earned overnight. Don't make his life miserable, but make it clear it will take time to trust him again. In fact, given his attitude that this is what men do, then maybe some marriage counselling would be in order for the two of you so that he can understand that this is NOT what men do at all.

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