Husband going dancing without me :-(

Liliya - posted on 05/26/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I used to go dancing and clubbing together. He is significantly older then I am. Now we have a little baby. He continues going out at night - including dancing, while I am at home with the baby. He says it is not going to change. Sometimes baby is up most of the night crying, and I am there comforting, while he is all pretty dancing with someone else. It makes me very angry. He goes out almost every weekend. He says I am welcome to go out alone as well. But he also knows that I am not that kind of person that would enjoy that. I also know that in reality he would not enjoy it either - he separated with he ex because she was going out several times a week. In the past year i went out alone once - and it felt wrong - guys were hitting on me, and I can imagine exactly same thing happens when he goes out. The whole time I felt that i would rather be spending the time with my husband, then dancing with strange men who were obviously out there looking for a girlfriend. I also felt guilt towards my baby - thinking what am I doing here if not spending time with my baby or my husband. But my husband does not feel that guilt. He sees nothing wrong with him clubbing every weekend. I feel very bad and I don't know how to move forward. Any advice?


Tanya - posted on 05/26/2014




Sounds strange to me... if he's older he should respect you more. He is disrespecting you and the baby.

And why is he still clubbing if he is's mostly teeny bobs in clubs...

He should step up as a father and be only going out with you dancing in a club...

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