Husband is being negative about life

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Husband is being negative about his life. I tried to help, but it doesn't seem effective when I offered help. He doesn't even realize it's coming within himself at all. He thinks others caused him the problems. Fx, he doesn't like church and the pastor. But I told him that no one is perfect. We can not change others. When he's mad, he tempted to throw his tempers at kids. When he's stressful, he doesn't want to do anything including taken care of kids. Sometimes I asked myself, can I do that too? Can I leave my kids alone when I am not a in a good moon? Somehow Dad has difficult to do that. He's also very sensitive about what I do. Even though I have good intention on him, he will misunderstands it because he's so sensitive and negative about his life. Advice what to help? However, at the end of day, I know he cares about the family and me. He just don't know how to handdle it? He's not open for my help either and he even thinks I am bothering him. It hurts a bit especially when there are times he just used his words unwisely. I know he's truly a nice husband dad. He just trap himself in this battle which only he realized what's going on before he can overcome it.


Michelle - posted on 05/06/2013




He needs to get some counseling as it sounds like he's depressed. If he's not willing to go with you suggesting it maybe see if there is a friend that he talks to and enlist their help. Maybe even leave some pamphlets around that focus on Men's depression issues.

You aren't qualified to help him so what you do try most probably won't work.

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