Husband is depressed

Lauren - posted on 04/26/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi moms! My husband keeps telling me how he hates life and everything sucks. He works all the time and works 2 jobs he works a full time job plus we have chicken houses we tend to. He makes no sense though cause he got overtime at his job all week and he was saying he likes to work that much and now last night I get a text from him saying how he hates working so much and he hates everything and everything sucks! We are expecting another baby in July and I know he is overwhelmed with that and I sometimes feel like we should have not brought another baby into the picture cause he is like this but it's to late now! I work causal call plus babysit so I work when my job has hours cause of his jobs we can't afford to put our kids in day care so I work when he is off or I have family to help out. I just don't know what to do anymore cause he has me all upset and I'm starting to get very frustrated and when I bring up about him getting aniexty meds to take as needed he says he doesn't need them cause meds are not good for you and doctors are idiots I just think he's in denial and doesn't want to admit he needs help. I have aniexty and he was giving me problems about taking meds but I think they really help me! He never takes a break and it's annoying he is a supervisor at a sewer plant and he has 3 other guys who work there and he doesn't trust them to run the place so we don't go on vacation he dosent take time off except for one day here and there and it's annoying when he has other guys who know what there doing and should be able to run the place without him being there! Ugh please help in what to do I'm at my limit and I'm ready to lose it on him I'm going to flip out soon!

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