Husband or "Blood Pack"

Sam - posted on 05/25/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




We been together for about 4 yrs and have a 1 yr old together.We married 5 months ago and im regretting it.Between the time I had our baby and moving from one state to another,and living together is...well.Between his first wife(his extremly demanding job)our baby,my anxiety,his very scarey epilepsy(which happens when he's sleep deprived)and me always home,I cant say any of those things are the reason i want to leave.For a while i feel like im married because we fought a hard war together and its my duty as a blood packer to stay!How can we go through so much just for me to catch an attitude when he breathes when that use to highlight my day?Am I just use to us being together?It would hurt to lose him but why when i don't love him anymore?Is he my husband...or are we in a " Blood pack"


Anonymous - posted on 05/25/2015




I think that you two are just going through a tough time. It's normal to have bouts with your S/O where you can't stand to hear them breathe, chew, or even look at their face, lol
I think that you should take some time to sit down and think about all of the reasons why you fell in love with him.. if he doesn't cheat, lie, or abuse you, appreciate what you have. Men like that are hard to find! Mine drives me crazy, sometimes I want to leave, but I hang on because I know if I leave, I'll miss him soon enough. Love isn't always magical and effortless. It takes work. Good luck!

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