Husband won't let daughter visit grandma.

Stephanie - posted on 11/17/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello, I am new at this but I need someone to talk to and I feel like I cant anymore. Our daughter is about to turn 3 and my husband does not like when I visit my mother. I am 26 going on 27. Our daughter loves her grandma and I think that's what he sees that kills him inside. I visit her once a week for about 2 hrs. That's the only time we get to spend with her. It has been this way since the day she was born. Other than that everything is okay between us. We have our problems here and there but him not letting us see my mom kills me. And I don't want to choose between my mom and him. I am so torn between them. My mom has been nice to him. She has never disrespected him in any way. I have no idea what lead to him hating my mom so much. I just want some advice as to what others would do in my situation....


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Michelle - posted on 11/18/2014




I agree with Jodi.
He's your husband, not your Father and he can't stop you from seeing your family.
You need to stand up to him and tell him you will be seeing your own Mother every week and if he is jealous about it then he should go and see his own Mother.

Jodi - posted on 11/17/2014




I think your husband needs to stop dictating to you. This is your child too, and he does not get to have all the say. Unless he can actually give you a valid reason on how seeing your mother is harmful to your child, then he is just being an asshole. Regardless of how he feels, your daughter has a right to a relationship with both sets of grandparents, AND has the right to enjoy that relationship without her father putting the grandparents down.

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