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Shakira - posted on 02/18/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have a problem with my husband been addicted to drugs,he keeps denying the fact that his taking the drugs when i know what i found in the house while cleaning one day..his addiction has changed him drastically and his even started hitting me infront of our 18month old son,he doesnt work or do anything to keep himself busy,all he ever does is sleep in the day and stay awake at night..iv been offering my help and support but he denys that his not doing any drugs.i had researched what i found related to my findings and apparently this drug is called crystal and is smoked on a piece of foil and this is exactly what i found all hidden under the sofa in the living room...i need some serious advice on how to go about this situation? day his good to me the next he swears at me,shouts at me and disrespects me please !!!!!!


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Narantuya - posted on 03/05/2014




Dear Shakira. My ex boyfriend (also my sons dad) was exactly same way . Please dont ruin your life on him . If he hits you, thats it , you dont need this kind of life. There is good life ,better life out there. Please take good care of you and your son. Some days good some days bad. But you know what my friend. You can build beautiful life on your own and you will be proud yourself one day.drug is very strong evil thing . You cannot do anything unless he wants it. Im really dont want to ruining somebodies life but isnt he one who ruining this family. Remember my friend you not alone. If you want to talk with somebody please write . Im listening.

Angela - posted on 02/18/2014




Drugs issues aside - if he's hitting you, you need to get yourself safe and away from that situation.

You even said that he has "started hitting me infront of our 18month old son". This begs the question ......

Does he hit you anyway, AWAY from your child? For you to comment that he has struck you in front of your son implies that perhaps he has also done so in privacy when your son isn't around. It's simply not acceptable for a spouse to physically strike their partner - EVER.

You say you have been offering your help and support but that he's in denial. Even though you don't believe him in his denials, by staying with him and doing all you can to keep the family together and the home ticking over, you're ENABLING him in a lifestyle where he does what he wishes and takes no responsibility.

You state that he is unemployed - yet he can afford drugs/illegal substances. Where do you think the money comes from to support his habit? I'm British and in our country over 80% of neighbourhood crime is connected to drugs.

If you remain with him you and your child are in plenty of danger .....

a) he physically attacks you
b) he uses illegal substances recreationally and does nothing else with his time (except sleep).
c) he is unemployed and making no effort towards securing a job
d) the money to support an expensive habit needs to come from SOMEWHERE.

At some point when you have suffered further, violent abuse, perhaps have "lost" a few personal and domestic possessions of saleable value and maybe have had the Police investigating some local crime in which your husband may have been involved, you will wish you had packed your bags and gotten out of the situation earlier.

Please do not delay. Get out NOW! FOr the sake of your health and wellbeing, your child, your sanity and your peace of mind.

Leave him.

Good luck.

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