Husbands business is apparently non of mine !

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self employed h thinks that his business is non of mine, except when I don't show support, then I am a rotten wife for not supporting his business. And I don't understand how busy he is. Well , I can't understand if he doesn't tell me ! I am tired of hearing about his office while out for dinner with friends, and when I hear something new , and question him, ( cuz lord knows he hasn't discussed it with me) and I get attitude, either," why would I tell you that, or " it was non of your business", yet he is telling our friends !!!! he gets particularly defensive about one secretary and when I question about her , it's ' I don't have to tell you everthing'. He thinks I should come work for him. That could be hard not knowing anything !


Chet - posted on 02/08/2014




A lot of men just aren't forthcoming. Women tend to lean much more in the direction of generally wanting to talk about stuff and share a lot of detail. My husband constantly neglects to mention things that I would consider to be huge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you attack someone they are likely to respond by being defensive. If you seem angry or agitated or accusatory that your husband didn't tell you things he's very likely to defend himself (ie, give you attitude). You do seem pretty angry.

My husband works from home now, and one thing he misses is being able to leave work at work. There was a time when when the stress of work stayed at work and when he got home at the end of the day he just wanted to put it behind him and forget about it for the time being. Some of that may be going on too.

Could you just go and work for your husband?

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