Husbands Job...Vent

Jane - posted on 02/16/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK Mat has worked at the same job for the last 9 years. He has been sick with a bad cold, so yesterday morning he took some cough medicine that was prescribed to our 16yr old son. It has codine in it. Once a month they randomly pick 5 peoples id #s for random drug test. His showed traces of codine in it and so now he is suspended until Tuesday. They said if its just trace amounts then he will come back. This just isn't good. I mean seriously cough medicine


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Liz - posted on 02/16/2013




Codeine is a ridiculous thing to test for. It's in common painkillers. At once point I had to take it daily to control my chronic pain condition.

Michelle - posted on 02/16/2013




Cough medicine can and does contain quite a few different drugs. That's why on some of them there is the warning about not driving or operating heavy machinery while taking it.

Hopefully he will read the labels before taking something that's not prescribed for him again.

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