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I have an 11 yr old step daughter and I am struggling with helping her understand the importance of hygiene. She has a strong fish order and she pretends it does not exist instead of trying to take the steps to make it better. My husband and I are her primary parents. We have been dealing with this issue for almost two years. Our daughter is now in middle school and her friends are aware of the issue. It seems like everyone is still being kind to her, but who really knows what is being said behind her back. Her best friend told me, "she is one of two girls that smell that way at school". My daughter thinks that I am being mean or picking on her if I so much as mention the issue. I have packed extra undies, wipes, gotten sprays etc and I find it all unused and abandoned. It is only a matter of time before someone says something awful to her and she is forever known for this odor. I have brought her to the doctor many, many times. It all comes down to hygeine and choice. My daughter is an amazing student, a good friend, an athlete and the list goes on. The characteristic of not cleaning oneself properly goes against all of her other personality traits. I am at a loss and no longer know how to help her. has anyone else dealtt with anything like this?

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