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My 12 yr old girl has adhd and was born 10 weeks premature, we are in a continuous power struggle over her hygiene, her body odor is extremely bad but she won't get in a daily routine to take care of herself.


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This has nothing to do with her ADHD and at this point, her 10 week premature is absolutely irrelevant. Just saying. I hope you don't keep using this as your explanation for everything........

It is normal for kids this age to be pretty unhygienic unless you get on them about it. YOU need to set up the reminders. Personally, I have always had a list for my kids. All kids get distracted, and sometimes, if left to their own devices, they will let things slide that aren't important to them. When they aren't yet attracted to the opposite sex, they don't actually have much focus on their hygiene and that's pretty normal. You need to get them into those habits will routine, and that routine needs to be established by you. Reminders in the form of lists can be helpful.

As an example, we have an expectation that showers take place at 6pm before dinner. My daughter knows when the news comes on the TV that it is shower time. We have regular conversations around hygiene, and I will remind her if she is a bit smelly to keep using her deodorant. She is 11 and also going through hormonal changes, so I try to reassure her it isn't her, it's her hormones changing and that she has to use her deodorant and wash more regularly. It is honestly all in the routine.


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Monica - posted on 08/07/2016




have a girls day out with her. buy all the items she'l need to keep herself clean. let her know that it is her special stuff. maybe adding a special towel, washcloth as well. maybe this will encourage her.

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That's something that should have been started when she was much younger than 12 and not complying should not be an option. A shower and wearing deodorant should be a daily requirement. If she's smelling bad she can have the option of taking care of herself or sitting in her room (w/ all of her fun things/electronics, etc... removed), so the rest of the house doesn't have to be exposed to the smell. Either that or ignore it, but tell her not to complain when the kids at school make fun of her because SHE has the power to control that by taking care of herself.

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