Hyland's Teething Tablets....do they really work

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Just wondering if the teething tablets really work. I need some major teething help and everyone I know personally swears by these teething tablets. HoweverI have also heard stories about seizures and teeeth rotting. How many of you hvae tried them and what was the end result for you all. Do you all recommend them or should I avoid them. Thank you all in advance.


Lisa - posted on 04/17/2015




These tablets are nothing short of a LIFESAVER!!!!
Don't believe everything negativite thing you read on the Internet!!!!! Snopes it and ask an older more experienced mother. I'm 50, mother of two 28 & 22 helping my daughter raise my first grandchild. I've read & heard SO much BS from the new generation mommy I could scream!!! Remember everyone has an "Opinion" but it's just their opinion, not Gospel!!!
I almost didn't buy them from what I had read but our family practice nurse told me it was all here say and she swears by them. Now I feel horrible because I could've saved my grandson all that hurting!!!

Iridescent - posted on 02/22/2010




I refuse to use them because although they are "natural" and "organic" they contain belladonna, which is a poison. They were recalled at one time a few years ago because they had so much in them, they were extremely dangerous. Belladonna is not recommended for us in ANY amounts.

Rosie - posted on 02/22/2010




i tried them and they are worthless. it did not help with his pain at all and they were incredibly hard to keep in his mouth. he kept on spitting them out. so no pain relief, and messy. stick to good old tylenol.

Samantha - posted on 02/20/2010




They worked wonders for my little one! She is 15 months old and still only has 2 teeth. Her pediatrician said no worries, but these past 3 days have been torture for her poor little mouth and we can finally feel signs of a new tooth coming through on top. Her gums are very swollen too. I can't stand to see her hurt but the tablets seem to calm her nerves and help her sleep. I highly recommend them.


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Hsrdtsindia - posted on 01/29/2017




It is a universal truth that there are so many truth which are beyond of out known knowledge, but that truths are true. So first of all you deserve to comment then any of one should give his comment on a subject. What ever is being statement given on teething tables of by lands .that's very unscientific. We should clarify all the facts. See www.yogadoctorrdts.in to understand some real facts.

Michelle - posted on 02/20/2010




i tried them for my son and they just made his gums harder. they did help him sleep but they didn't help the teeth push through. i stopped giving them to him and gave him tylenol and less than a week later he had 2 teeth push through. i will never use teething tablets again. even the dr told us that they just harden his gums and the only thing they help for is sleep. but tylenol helps with sleep and the aches. it's all a personal decision because every child takes to things diferently. my son is 11 months and has 7 teeth.

Emma - posted on 02/20/2010




The teething tablets work great for the congestiona and upset tummy's that come from teething. I give them to my son and from all the others kids who've I seen take the teething tablets before him have never had any seizures or rotting teeth. I do still use Motrin/Tylenol to help with the pain, but I swear by teething tablets for the other symptoms as well.

Jocelyn - posted on 02/20/2010




i used them and i loved them! another teething aid i found helpful was frozen mini lenders begals---of course stay by the baby jsut like you would when they are eating if you use the bagels ;)

Stevie - posted on 02/20/2010




i have some teething tablets but idk what kind and i tried them but everytime it seemed that after a little while of putting him down for bed he would throw a fit i dont really like them if i am ever going to use the rest of them i might do it during the day or see how any other kids we might have handle them i didnt understand why my son would fuss after i gave them to him since tthe bottle said all natural and no side affects but i dont think you can ever believe no side affects everyone has something they can be allergic to

Sara - posted on 02/20/2010




Teething tablets were the only thing that would help my son. They were great! He's definitely never experienced anything negative from them, especially teeth rotting or seizures! Orajel never seemed to help him and our dentist even said that it is not good for their teeth.
I always gave him a couple teething tablets and a cold wash cloth to chew on.

Chrystal - posted on 02/20/2010




Yes they work! Teething rot is probably not due to the tablets, but to poor dental hygiene. Seizures could be from multiple illnesses.

Tabitha - posted on 02/20/2010




I do recomend them and orajel people say not to use orajel it numbs the throat in which they cant swallow. That is wrong if you have a tooth breaking through and can see an feel it it will do wonders. Teething tablets are a natural way to numb the teeth. Good luck try froozen teething toy as well as frozen fruit

Amanda - posted on 02/20/2010




I would definitely recommend them!! They were definitely a life saver for us!

Brittany - posted on 02/20/2010




I personally have never tried them on my son. Mainly because i never knew exactly where to get them. But one of my good friends uses them for both of her kids. And she said they work great! And no teeth rott, Her oldest is now 2 and she has beautiful teeth. And her youngest son is almost 10 months & his teeth are coming in perfect.

Kristina - posted on 02/20/2010




They work lovely for us. They're an all natural product, so teeth rotting, and seizures-- I'd highly doubt...Teeth rotting would come from not brushing properly... I swear by hylands teething products. Noah would be miserable with out them! I feel better giving him 3 tablets every few hours than pumping him full of motrin and tylenol.

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