Hyposdias,Chordee, and bifibscrotum surgery

Christina - posted on 08/08/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello moms,
I have noticed there isn't allot of post-op info on these surgeries. I want to keep this circle posted on this one to help as many parents possible. My son is 17 months and due for (part 1) of his surgery to correct The severe Hyposdias, chordee, and bifib scrotum. When he was born they announced we had a girl and also on the scans before birth same gender (girl). I didn't find out until my Aunt saw me changing the diaper and was like that looks like a penis not a clitoris. I dismissed it but was then curious as to why I didn't see a vagina opening. So I took my son to another pediatrician that took care of my eldest son who is grown.

At that visit my son was dressed like a girl, with a girl name and all. I found out I had a son. My heart dropped when he told me he felt testicles in what I thought was a vagina I guess I saw what I wanted to see. The Dr. set up visits to take place the next day which consisted of Ultrasound, blood test, and a exam with a Urologist. Result came back as a Male through and through and no CAH (Thank God).

So we had to change his Birth Certificate, Hospital Records, Medical Insurance info, and Social Security card to reflect his Male Name, Also a complete new wardrobe, bottles, and bedding. I am happy to report with Working out and Therapy we got over that hump. Now it's all about pulling through these surgeries. He did have one Testosterone Injection at 6months no side effects. Surgery is due tomorrow morning I'm nervous and keep telling myself God made us strong so we will pull through. Thanks for reading my story I will keep you posted.


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