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hi everyone my 3 month old son has a hypospadias and needs surgery before he is 1 just wondering if anyone else has expoerienced this and how surgery went etc....


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Sandra - posted on 03/01/2012




my son had this. he is now 9 yrs old. the 1st surgery went great and i think i was more worried then anyione. he was sooo tiny and i was terrified. he was cranky when they finished (he was hungry) but it all went great. he actually started crawling the next day. suprised me cause i figured hed be sore. he was ok until about a year and half maybe 2 yrs old when skin grew over the new hole. so we went in again. in and out in a few hours . then when he was about 7 he was haing issues urinating again so we went in to check and the scar tissue from previous surgeries had moved and was making it hard . so dr went in again and removed the scar tissue and so far since then we have had no other issues..i think the scarriest part is your baby is going under and u cant be in there with him. i was a wreck. but i wouldnt change it now. y son is a nice well adjisted young man.

Lucy - posted on 08/22/2011




Hi, my son had a hypospadias op at 20mths old, he is now 3yrs old and all is fine. We have done potty training well so. touch wood, all will be fine. His op was a day case, he came home with a cathater, and had to wear double nappies for a week. He was on about 5 different drugs, but i was supported all the way by the team. It is hard work to go thru, but is worth it so my boy can wee "normally". If u need to ask more questions just ask. Good luck x

Sarah - posted on 02/03/2011




Hi Danni! My 16 month old son has hypospadias, but he hasn't gone through his surgery yet. I've had a lot of issues with health insurance, so that has prevented us from getting it done sooner. Fortunately, the insurance has been straightened out & he has his 1st consultation with this new doctor that we found in March. Hopefully his surgery will be shortly after that. When are you hoping to get your son's surgery done?

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