I always make sure my husband in children are happy but sometimes I feel like no one cares about me... Sometime I want to feel appreciated by my husband..

Amira - posted on 12/10/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband feels like because he pays the bills I'm suppose to be happy. I tell him all the time that I appericate what he does for our family. But on the other had he doesn't show appreciation for what I do for the family. Last year around this time he cheated on me with a woman on his job she's also a supervisor, I found necket picture of her in his email of her and he tired to justify why it was there. We argued about it he said she was just a friend so from that point I really kept my eyes open. But I suspected it because it was so many signs him going out every weekend in leaving the kids and I at home. But before all of this occurred all he did was critize me about my weight and what I wasn't doing around the house but it was like wat is it??.. I'm doing everything that a wife should do. I have his dinner ready when he gets home, the kids ate had there bath, I clean, cook his food... He's a Ghanaian so I even stepped out of my culture to learn how to make his food and everything. I made this man very happy and he cheated on me. I feel like wow what else can I do I done EVERYTHING!. About 5 months after I found out about the girl she inboxes me in told me.... You should tell your husband to stop coming pass my home after is gym visits... At that point I'm like wowwwwww ok so I comfort him with this in he told me that he went pass her house because she was sick!!!.. At that point I went off!.. My question to him was if this is suppose to b your friend why don't I know about this girl and why is she sending necket pictures???. So I inboxes her and asked her what was going on??... He said your were just a friend I just wanted to see how much I can get out of her without saying to much. But this woman told me that; your husband loves me more then you he told me that as soon as he gets his paper wrk done hes going to leave you. He told me that all you do is argue and fuss and he can't wait intill the paper wrk is done and that you aren't really his type and that that's the reason he never call you beautiful.. I've been around your son while he played. I've been to 5 states with him his family knows about me.im contacting you because I don't want him.

This was so hurtful to here all these thing because not only do this girl knows a lot about him she knows a lot about me!!!!!!.. Wtf at this point I'm ready to pack my shit in leave!. But I tought about my kids.. It's so crazy because the things she was saying about my husband not calling me beautiful really cut deep because I've always asked my husband like.. Baby how do my hair look or baby do you like what I'm wearing??... He never compliment me I always have to ask.. So my question to her is why now what had happened that you don't want him anymore now you want to call his wife in tell her things that will hurt her!.. Why now???.. So from that point mentally I haven't been the same. I still do for him as I promised god that I would do.. When everything went on he changed.. He don't have a lock on his phone like before he's always home he's more open but...... I just can't get over how he talked about his own wife and how he cheated on me left me at home on weekends to b with this woman. I really don't want to continue this marriage. But I still love him I really don't know what to do.:(


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Girl, you need to get your groove back!!

Do you remember what's your hobby? If you do, when was the last time you did it? When was the last time to got hot for YOURSELF?!?!

You need to leave, pronto. Legally, that is. Divorce him just to make sure he isn't really doing it for the papers!

You need to take time for yourself, to grieve, to feel pain, to feel anger, and then let it go. This man did very hurtful things, acknowledge that by respecting your hurt feelings.

Taking the breather isn't the end of your marriage, but the opportunity for a new beginning where he has to earn you!

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