I am 16 and pregnant, i am keeping the baby and i am somewhat currently with the father of my baby. But i don't for sure know the age of the father. He keeps saying he is 18 and his family keeps saying he is 16, but his family is afraid that my mo will put him in jail, sooo, do i have the right to know his real age since i am pregnant with his child?


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Emily - posted on 09/03/2012




You absolutely have the right, and that's something you probably should have known before conceiving a child with him. He's going to have to put his birth date on the baby's birth certificate anyway, so he might as well 'fess up now. His legal worries are not your concern.. the welfare of your baby is. That's what everyone involved should be focusing on. Any chance you could get both families together to talk about this?

Amy - posted on 09/03/2012




Does he have a license? Tell him to provide a birth certificate, but at this point you're having a baby together so his age doesn't matter, he's still going to be a father. If he's 18 and your parents want to press charges that's there right.

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