i am 24 weeks pregmant and need help

Nisha - posted on 09/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 24 weeks pregnant and extremely unwell. Have nose bleeds, vomiting and loose motions which is making me feel extremely weak and unwell. Apart from this suffering through mood swings and feel down all the time. Getting angry and worked up over every small thing, crying over small small things and stressed out. I have spoken to my doctor and told her that I feel stressed and depressed and she has suggested me to do yoga and breathing excercise which sometimes is not possible as I live with in-laws and have loads to do when I am at home. Hardly get time to put my feet up or take some rest during the day. So really have not found solution to my problem.
I have tried speaking to my partner about it, but instead of getting some help from him things are getting worst between us. I feel he hardly cares about what is happening to me. Whenever I discuss my problem with him he takes it as a joke or just makes fun out of it. He takes everything related to me lightly. For example, I am unwell since 3 days and told him to come back from work early one day as I wanted someone to be there with me, but he did not bother to call me and ask me for so many hours as to how I was feeling and came back home late than usual. Even after coming home didn't bother to come to me and ask me how was I feeling, instead Sat downstairs having a beer and eating kfc. I felt really hurt, but thought it must be busy at work and he must have got tired, bcoz of which he wanted to chill out. the next day we woke up and had argument over the smallest thing. Which made me feel more upset. In the evening even if I was feeling so weak, I sat with him in the garden while he was sipping beer and so to give him company I took a glass of coke and sat with him. As we started to have some conversation, he ignored me and started playing with a dog. Then started doing things on his phone. I am not surprise as this is usual him. Never interested in listening or having a conversation. But this time I felt hurt, so I got up from there and came inside. Then he came over and started telling me that his friends are coming over and they are planning to chill out at home. I said I am fine with it but unfortunately won't be able to give company as I feel so unwell and down. He kicked up a big fuss out of it and we ended up into a great fight. I cried so much that I felt like my blood pressure has got affected. Felt like killing myself for this miserable condition I am in. But he still didn't care and got ready and went out with his friends. I am so hurt that I feel like shit. I know my little one growing inside me is innocent and has nothing to do with all this, but I feel my decision of having him/her has gone wrong as I find myself alone in the journey. No support. Since the time I have announced that I am pregnant, this is my husbands 4th outing with friends and one of them was a stag do away from home for 4 days. I don't know what to do and what is the solution to this 😪😢


Michelle - posted on 09/06/2014




What are your in laws doing? Are they treating you like a slave and that's why you don't have time to relax? Do you have to live with them or can you get your own place?

Yes you need to rest and look after yourself. Being too stressed can be bad for the baby.

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