I am 36 weeks pregnant with my baby girl and i have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and i am afraid of losing her. my numbers havent been that great and they keep changing my meds around but nothing working. has anyone else have this worry??


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Erin - posted on 08/09/2012




Its been great up until i found out i had gestational diabetes and when i went todays appt i found out the cord wrapped around my little girl neck

Anna - posted on 08/09/2012




if you have been having a healthy pregnancy (apart from the GDM), i wouldnt worry about losing your baby. i had gestational diabetes from like 34 weeks with my daughter and they put me on a diet to try control my sugar levels. ask your doctor if that is an option for you if you are that worried. it may help. i was also induced at 38 weeks. it wouldnt have been dangerous to carry her full term, but because she was really big anyway the doctors recomended it. we did have to stay in the hospital 48hrs after she was born so that they could observe my daughters sugar levels, but they stayed stable so we got to take her home. im sure everything will be fine with you and you little girl. try not to worry too much, thats not good for either of you. good luck :)

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