i am 38 years old very loving and compassionate I love little dogs and children but never the way i loved one that I was told was not mine after being told it was but her lie was so believable


Travis Lee - posted on 06/25/2014




she said she was pregnant with my child but then when she had the baby she had ran off and had her. then she let me come over and told me that the reason she told me the child was going to be mine because she did not know how to tell her dad that she got pregnante by a random guy at ISU university in IL. a big party school. she also showed me how it was impossible for me to be the father because the dates that we were togeather did not match up and it was not possible for me to be the father. I had no reason not to believe her and i thought how could any one lie to a guy as loving and caring as me . so i believed her . she said that the baby girl had her fathers big blue eyes but did not think she could find him. she said he was a frat guy and hung her panties up on the wall with the others.. She droped out of school and got a apt in my town and had me come over every day almost for two years i cleened house duste made bottles gave all the baths and changed all the diapers and played with the baby and got her dressed for day care. when she got almost 2 i played hide and seek with her but that was the last she moved with no notice she had said she never wanted to see me again she said she thought i was gay was too skinny had a big nose and big poors and did not turn her on. she said i did not make enough money and did not have a career. so it was over but now 14 years later she says that the little girl i fell in love with acually was my daughter! she said she lied because she heard i was into hard drugs and thought i could be violent . i never thought she would do that to me. I want my child so soooo much but they are making it hard they asked me to come to the state fair and meet her but not to tell i was the real dad because she thought this tim guy was her dad but i told anyway and they went crazy and told her that i was this bad guy with mental problems and could be a child molester. now they have moved the child to a friends in tennessee and they wont talk to me but i talk with my daughter on face book and she loves me but her life has been scewwed up royally . they put my little girl on ritalin and trust me she did not need it. she told me that the fake dad tim neglegted her badly but not their real daughter they had togeather she gets all the attention. my daughter is badly depressed. and confused and has been for a long time she said the meds made her hear voices and saw much violence in the home and drugs she is real pretty and her mom too and dressed classy came from a rich family

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