I am 38 yo. I have 3 boys and a girl and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant with my 5th. I'm nervous about telling people, my mom wasn't too excited with the fourth. We are financially stable, but I feel like my boys are kind of wild and I get judged for that. I have a sister in law (with one child). Who implies I don't follow through. I'm very nervous!!


Mary K - posted on 08/23/2013




Relax if you have 4 kids all ready your a every strong women. You can Handel another.. ask your self these question Are you happy and stable..? who matters most, your family OR inlaws? If your happy that's all that matters.. no one should make u feel bad for being a mother.. boys will be boys.. I have 3 brothers and I'm the oldest I've been there.. the best thing to do is get them to focus there energy on something that entertains them.. where they have to learn and grow.. karate and baseball along with program police station Offers help out as well for kids who are interested in getting into that type of field when they get older. Same thing with the fire stations.. they have Jr programs. I hope this helps.. good luck to u! ♥

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