I am 4 months post partum and I'm losing so much hair.. What are some tips and tricks to stop losing so much??


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Sarah - posted on 06/09/2013




Make sure you are eating healthy as this can help and also if you are not already doing so keep taking your prenatal vits. This helps to make sure your body is getting all the vit. it needs. Hair loss can be due to the hormone changes but it can also be due to the lack of the right balance of vitamins in your body. The hormone changes you can't do much about and just have to wait it out. Also talk with your hair stylist. Sometimes they can give you a cute hairdo that hides the hair loss.

Michelle - posted on 06/09/2013




Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do. I lost a lot of hair after all 3 of mine but it does eventually grow back.

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