I am 4 months pregnant and my ankles are swollen, should I be worried?

Nina - posted on 07/01/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am 4 months pregnant with my 1st, and i just noticed today that my ankles are pretty swollen, I have heard that is usually not a good sign. Should I be worried? or is this normal? or should I call my doctor?


Claire - posted on 07/03/2011




It's normal. Unfortunately, it will probably get worse and your shoes won't fit :\ However, drinking a lot of water actually helped mine feel better, as did sitting down and keeping them elevated. If yours get much worse (as in you can leave an impression of your fingerprint in your leg) talk to your OB and see if she recommends something to help.

Lise - posted on 07/01/2011




How hot is it where you are? Is it just your ankles or are you retaining water everywhere?

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I had swollen ankles starting in my 5th month with my last baby. There were no problems (other than me haing to buy new shoes and the fact that my feet are now bigger than they were before the baby...), but it was quite annoying and painful! I remember that I had to put a folding chair in the shower to hide my feet under it because the water falling on my feet and ankles felt like needles hitting my skin. Yeah, that sucked... But honestly, after the baby was born I sat there and watched the swelling go down. Literally right after she was born I was holding her to my chest and the OB was doing her stuff down there and my ankles visibly became a lot less swollen (my hbby even pointed it out - lol).

Anyway, my doc told me not to worry about it, but to make sure there was no major water retention anywhere else. She did check up on it at every appointment, though and made a note of it in my charts. I would point it out to your doc at your next checkup and ask about it to make sure there's noting going on, jut to be on the safe side :)

Good luck and congrats on the baby! :)

Brie - posted on 07/02/2011




i noticed the same thing with mine but my doctor warned me ahead of time and so did my mom.. a good thing to do is, when you find that they are swollen sit down for a little bit and elevate them if it starts going down then you will be ok.. my ankles, feet, and halfway up my calves would swell.. but if i just kicked back and elevated i was good.. if it doesn't help then yes absolutely contact your doctor to find out whats going on.. and if it is hot where you live then that can be what is causing the swelling also.. don't get to worked up about it though!


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