I am 41, nearly 42. I have 3 Children, 23, 17 and 13. 2 Grandchildren 2 and a half and 2 wks old. My Partner and i have been 2gether 19 mnths, he is 44 and has an 11 yr old Autistic son. Are we to old 2 have another Baby x


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Chaya - posted on 02/09/2013




I personally wouldn't want another child, but if you are up for it, it's your decision, not ours

Denikka - posted on 02/05/2013




I would personally say yes, but the decision is really up to you.
Just remember that you'd be starting all over.
You would have at least another 20 years of having a child in your home (IF you conceive right away, that could take years in itself).
You may need to do invitro, so there's that cost to factor in. You will quite likely have to do fertility treatments at least.
You would have a child younger than your current grandchildren.
You'd be back to doing full time diaper duty.
Then it's the toddler years, super activity, etc.
You'd be dealing with puberty in your youngest quite possibly at the same time that you'd be going through menopause.
Another child will drain money from your retirement.
You would most likely be the oldest mom, or one of the oldest, around.
Not to mention that pregnancy is more difficult on an older body. Your risks for complications and for having a disabled child dramatically increase with age.

There's a lot to consider. Not to mention that your relationship is still pretty young, only 19mos. And you have a disabled child to deal with already. A baby is going to cause issues there.

I would personally not do it. I'm 23, pregnant with my third child, and I have said since long before my first that I would be done by the time I was 30. Whether I had none or 10. At over 40, the risks and costs would be too great for me.
But as I said, it really comes down to your decision. Weigh all the risks. Do your research and talk to your doctor. Make the most informed choice that you can.

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