I am 44. Should I try for another baby?

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I have 2 girls and a boy, from my previous marriage(ages 21,17&10) and 2 girls (aged 4&20 months), with my fiancé. I am a fit and energetic 44year old and my fiancé is 32 (13 years younger than me). He is desperate for a son but is not pressuring me. He understands my concerns and respects my decision. I love kids and would love to have another one but wonder if its the right thing to do as my son has various learning and behavior difficulties (and I need to devote extra time to him) and my youngest is a little rascal, who really keeps me in my toes. My eldest is the only one who is no longer living at home so things are tight financially but my fiancée runs his own business, which continues to do better. My worry is that I wont have enough time to devote to each of my children and, given my age, I don't want others to think that I am the granny who waits at the school gate and not the mother.(though everyone says, and i have t agree, that i look and behave much younger than my years).


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You already have 5 children. You do what you want, but what if you have another girl and your fiance STILL wants a boy???

This is really a question for your doctor also. Complications start to arise when you are older and planning on children.

If financially you have the money, if you are cleared by your doctor, if your fiance is not going to push for a boy if you end up with another girl, and you can devote your time to another child, and YOU really want another one and you are not thinking about it just to please your fiance.....do what you want.

How your face ages has no bearing on whether or not you should have another child. You will still be in your 50's when the child starts kindergarten.

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