I am 44 years old and around 7-8 weeks pregnant. Im drinking a lot of heavy ginger tea the whole day.i feel so good with that, cuz i have no morning sickness at all, and im eating al lot but with this tea im not putting on weigt. im afraid that this is not safe. can somebody advise please..?


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Julian - posted on 11/28/2012




I was thinking somehow to do it like that without

the risk of drinking the ginger, but believe me

I got pregnant 3 years back, and had a miscarriage

though I didn't drink ginger at all and was younger.

Anyway what you said is sensfull and not risky I'll

try to do it and avoid gaining weigh too much.

Thank you so much Yamira.

Yamira - posted on 11/28/2012




Hello there:) I'd first like to congratulate you on your pregnancy. I remember reading an article while I was pregnant that said certain teas aren't good for you while pregnant. Try and do some research on it. If your worried about weight gain, I would just try and eat very healthy, drink lots of water and stay active. Good luck! - Yamira

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