i am 6 week pregnant n i bleed after sex for half day with on clot but my blood serum beta test is increase after this n in sngrpy there is sac. so i will delivery healthy baby or there will be any birth defact in baby???????

JESEICA - posted on 09/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi this is jeseica mishra from mumbai india. N i also have some symptoms. N actually i did sex on 2nd July n till 29th July last since that days i was feeling i am going to pregnant. Even my periods was expecting on 15h July but i missed so i was sure i am pregnant n on 21st July i got my period for 2 days . i was shocked what's going on with me is i am pregnant or not . N then i read on internet this can possible in pregnancy but u have to done ultra sound. But as usual it's not possible actually lot dr.s denie for this .

But in next month ( August ) on 18/08/2014 i got light bleeding just like spoting n on 21,22/08/2014 i got heavy bleeding in watery look with some clots. N on 24,25/08/2014 is again like light sporting. N then stopped.

But on 21/08/2014 when i was bleeding that day i did HPT n there was showing very faint line. N day by day it was increasing. N on 26/08/2014 i did blood test n there is showing beta level 379.4 . Then i visited to the kokilaben hospital. N they did my SNGRPY . n they told me they found on sac. 2.3mm long in my uterus but they are not sure it's pregnancy but again on 01/09/2014 i did my blood test n the level was 1425.43 . BUT ON 01/09/2014 I DID SEX IN THE NIGHT N AFTER SEX I GO FOR URINE N I PASSED BLOOD LIKE WATER N WITH ONE CLOT SIZE MAYBE 1.5 INCHES. :-( but it was stopped within some time n in the morning it's gone.

BUT AGAIN I DID blood beta test on 03/09/2014 n there is 1869 was the level.

N then on 7/09/2014 i visited hospital n n i go for the urine n when i wiped there was pinkish colour on the tissue paper but very miner it's just look like implantation sport. n then my gync did the sngrpy n she said she is not sure everything is ok or not . Because she sow sac. But didn't found any heart beat.

N i started my folic Acid on 6/09/2014. I am taking 5 mg tblt. Daily.

Soooooooooo now plsssss help me everything is ok or something is wrong.

Plsssssssssssssssss help me. I need help n i want my little baby will be safe.


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