I am 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and had an ultrascan 4 days ago and they could not see the fetes. I have been bleeding brown blood and my hormone levels have been going up. What is going on?! I am super stressed. I have never been this stressed,not knowing what is happening? Surely the doctors could help me out more?!


Jean - posted on 11/14/2012




Did they do a vaginal ultrasound or and external one? If your hormones are still going up things may be alright. Are you spotting or bleeding a lot? Sometimes it can be harder to find the embryo so early on, but most of the time they can. What did they tell you? Normally they would have you come back in a week. Please try not to stress so much as you may be exerting your body more than is needed. Try to relax as if you are still having a normal pregnancy it will be better for your body/baby. I really do hope everything goes well for you and that your doctors help you out more! That is very confusing. Hugs!!!

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