I am 9 months pregnant and I need some advice

Tanya - posted on 04/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My oldest child is 13 and she is not happy about my pregnancy. My boyfriend gets along great with my kids and he is a true partner. He actually helps take care of them, which is more than their own father does. Her initial reaction to the pregnancy was not good and I knew that it wouldn't be. She is close with my boyfriend and I think she thinks that will change. I am 9 months along now and I honestly thought she was getting better and more used to the situation, but she said something to me last night that makes me think otherwise.
"Why did you have to have a baby?" I know that she needs to talk about this, and she has seen her guidance counselor at school a few times. I know that she will absolutely love this baby boy when he arrives, but I don't want to her to resent me. My question is, should I try to get all of us in counseling, or just talk to her by myself? I should tell you that she is a VERY mature 13 yr old and she thinks about things as a grown up sometimes.
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I think you should talk to her. She is deffiently feeling unsure of how this baby will effect her role in the family. I agree that she will come around as soon as she see's this new baby brother. If not I would then seek out counseling.

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