I am a 32 year old mom who was diagnosed with chron's disease when i was 20 years old and is progressively getting worse i have 3 biological children and three step children ranging from 15 to 4 years old. In the last year i have been having extreme pain in my joints which i am currently getting tested for rheumatoid arthritis as it is hard to do any daily activities, I am currently taking remicade infusions every 6 weeks for the chron's and way to many pills to name I've had numerous surgery's and have had a colostomy bag for the last 4 years which was only suppose to be for a year i am looking for anyone who can give me suggestions on what to do or there experiences i know chron's is different for everyone and i think my family thinks i'm going insane the last time i was in the hospital i went down to 85lbs and didn't think i was going to make it. I just wish they was more information as to what to do. I can't stand looking into my childrens and husband eyes when i'm that sick and they can not do anything for me and i love them with all my heart and this disease doesn't just affect me it is hurting them just as much it is me and the worst thing is that i pray to god every day that my children do not inherit chron's as i would not wish it on anyone even my worst enemies i have so many test and surgerys it is just getting worse i'm just out of answers. It is very difficult even to explain to friends or family like i'm making it all up or it is all in my head


Amy - posted on 12/29/2011




First *HUG* I do not have Chrons but my MIL does. She had her colostomy for at least 7 years before the Dr felt it was safe to remove it. The biggest thing I can offer is follow the rules of what you can & cannot eat! The biggest problems my MIL had were not following those exactly...I know it is hard but you have to try. Second if you can try to eat gluten free as it seems to help a lot of Chrons patients be able to gain & keep on weight which in turn of course helps you be healthier :) also research on line if you can because there is a ton of info out there. Don't worry about the people who think you are making it up because they are not worth it!! I would think the colostomy etc would prove it but some people are just like that. It is also possible that there are other things besides the Chrons...thats why there are so many tests. If you have had a lot of surgeries that is probably why they have not taken down your colostomy yet because it would have a bigger chance of having a rupture. Good luck with everything & feel free to mssg me if you just need someone to talk to k

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