I am a 42 year old mom.

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I am a 42 year old mom and my husband of 19 years is 44 years old. We have 2 children 12 & 9 that we adopted. We are at that point in ours lives where we have started to do some traveling with our family. We are content with our family size and the fact that we were moving into the next stages of our lives. I was rescheduled to have a mammogram when the previous one was cancelled do to swollen breasts and unclear pictures. I was getting close for me to have my mamo and my breasts were still swollen I never dreamed that I could be pregnant however I had an outdated pregnancy test and decided to use it. That was the moment when my life came crashing down around me and my husband. All we could think about was how we will not be able to retire or continue on family trips. I know it sounds selfish but never in a million years did we consider a baby at this time in our lives and after 19 years of not conceiving who would have thought that was a possibility. I love seeing all the positive blogs. I did not find any feed back on how couples feel about never being able to retire or getting time with their spouses. I was just starting to really enjoy hanging with my husband again and being able to talk to him without the kids always interrupting. Feeling Selfish and need a talking too.


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Ok, look at this realistically. You're 42, so will probably be 43 when baby arrives.

Baby turns 18 when you're 61, which still allows you to retire and have a great life with hubby. My MIL is 65, and spryer than I am!

But, seriously, I probably would be freaking out as well. Hubby and I would be happy for another blessing, would go through with it, and enjoy whatever it brings, but that wouldn't negate the initial OH MY GOD moment...

So, what you and hubby need to do is talk. Talk about options. I'm not fond of abortion, but it is a legal option. Adoption is a great idea, and will allow another childless couple to be blessed. Or, you could go ahead and say "well, at least THIS time we're a little more mature..."

Plus, with the ages of your kids now, I'd include them in the conversation at some stage as well. They're part of the family, and deserve to be in on the decisions, since it's going to affect all of you!

But, honestly? You must be pretty stellar parents, because someone somewhere thought you'd be good parents to this upcoming one too...

Good luck with whatever you decide! Personally, I'd be afraid of going thru all of the pregnancy symptoms at our age...LOL...but that's me.

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