I am a 45 year old mother of an 8 year old who recently found out I am pregnant. This was completely unplanned and unexpected. I need help coping with the shock of it. I am having panic attacks, and can't sleep well. If you have had a similar situation or not, can you please help me?


Sal - posted on 09/12/2011




stop panicking (yep easier said than done i know) and just let your self feel what ever it is your heart is feeling, is there any joy there?? is it just sheer dread?? remember that we are all incharge of our bodies and our destines in these situations and you must do what your heart knows is right for you,we are so privaledged to live in a time when there are so many options available to us..
i fell preg wheh my oldest (and at that time only) was 11 after the initial shock i was thrilled, terrifed completly unsure how i would cope after so long now i have 2 little ones and they have made my life complete...


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Lady - posted on 09/12/2011




I take it you've decided to keep the baby - or are you still trying to work that one out?
If you do then just try as the other ladies have said and llok at the positives - a new life a new personality, a whle new chapter of your life is opening up. A lot of older mums find it easier than they did when they were younger, they are more relaxed and confident in themselves and as parents so don't worry as much about what others think. Try and work out what it is you are really scared of then deal with that - take each step at a time and work out the little things - don't look at the big picture as that can be too much to cope with sometimes - just start with small things like where your going to get a cot or how are you going to do the school run - every prblem you wotk out will help you feel btter no matter how small. good luck x

Steffani - posted on 09/12/2011




Focus on the positive(s). God has blessed you with the ability to have another baby. He obviously knows that you can handle this. Congrats to you & your family.

Stifler's - posted on 09/12/2011




My mum had 3 kids and the youngest was 8 and she fell pregnant again with a 4th at 42. They love him even though they were of course shocked and thought she was going through early menopause. She didn't have any complications or anything.

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My mother found out she was pregnant at 43 it was a complete shock to her and even more so for my father who took 6 months to come round to the idea. Theres not a lot anyone can do to help you but in my opinion this has happened and its not the end of the world. Although my mother was shocked and took a while to come to terms with being a mother again after already having raised her older children she enjoyed being a mother again and loved my baby brother to bits.

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