I am a 52 year old grandmother who has custody of my grandson for 2 years now, my situation is quite different, he spent the first 2 and a half year in foster care til I was ableo get him. He has the most horrible temper tantrums over the smallest things an I know it seems small to me but not to him, can't take him out in public becaus he just blows up sometimes, he doesn't sleep at night, waking up seveal times which causes me not to sleep his tantrums are affecting me in my job, my relationship, just in everything, I have just begun to take him to a mental health clinic to determine what is wrong with him. His episodes tend to be very violent, he tore a full length mirror off his bedroom door and stomped it t pieces in his bare feet, he scares me sometimes. I am a bit angry that neither dcf or foster care made me aware of his problem. because they did know about it before they placed him with me permanently there is documentation of his tantrums. I am afraid that at my age I will not be able to handle him and as far as his parents getting him back its not gonna happen they are not interested in their child, the father has seen him 4 times in a year and the mother not at all, I am at my wits end, Iam so stressed and I don't know what else to do!


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Mayranela - posted on 05/26/2013




My biggest problem about the therapy is that I don't feel like they are taking me serious because they give him appointments that are two months apart but at least they did ask for a complete blood work and ekg to see if they can pinpoint something there. He had a two hour tantrum last night that just tore me up in inside, I do need therapy from this or for this I guess, Thanks for your comment I appreciate knowing that there is someone out there who will listen to my problems.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/23/2013




Keep taking him to therapy more than once per week if necessary. Poor kid sounds like he has some serious issues. Good luck, and you are wonderful for taking him in. Seek counselling for yourself also so you can learn different techniques for handling.

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