I am a divorced parent trying to work with an immature ex

Jacqueline - posted on 10/29/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been divorced for almost four years now, every year my ex wants to go to mediation. He doesnt like it that I have the kids, and they have to get up early to go to a sitter so I can go to work. Now he is insisting that his mother takes the kids, instead of a sitter or day care. Which is ok to a point. Until she starts to mother them, is when I get irritated. Now he would rather have his mom stay overnight with the kids at his house while he is on 3rd shift. He also wants the kids to be taken care of by his mom while he is on 2nd shift, I would have them til bedtime and thats all. Its sad enough, that on his days he is supposed to have the kids, his mother has them instead. He is hungry for his money, so works a lot of overtime, and there the kids sit at his moms house every weekend that he is working. I hate it!!!! Also he tells the kids that they are better off staying overnight at his house, with their grandma, instead of staying with me. He also tells the kids that I shouldnt be taking their daddies money. He is so immature, I cant stand him. I also have a restraining order on him, for the way he talks to me in front of the kids, so now he won't discuss anything important to me. AAAHHHHHHH! I need suggestions or answers on what to do, I need to be strong but its hard.

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