I am a grandmother raising two of my grandchildren,I have agrandson 10, I just wanted to say,I got on this post while looking up pittbull attacks on kids.I will voice my opinion, sorry to affend anyone,But I went to a funeral of a 6 year old boy,after his uncles 2 young pitts ripped his throat out and played tug of war with his body and his mother could not stop it. The 2 pitts were allmost a year old. After the event the pitts were like little pups, but the child was DEAD.I have a 10 yr old grandson I am raising my nephew has a pitt, my grandson was riding his bike by my house and the pitt came after him,allmost bitting his leg,If I was not present at that moment my grandson may be DEAD allso. I am warning you all these dogs can not be trusted with kids without parents on the spot. Do not turn your head for a minute.Once the child is Dead its over.


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Teresa Delores - posted on 04/13/2013




I agree with you .Any pet can hurt a child, I think we all should watch our kids close.

Brooke - posted on 04/12/2013




It is not just pit bulls, there is a reason that the experts tell us that children should not be left alone with ANY pet, no matter what type it is.

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