I am a loving father and feel that I am being cut out of my son's life

Mike - posted on 09/22/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am a loving father and have a very beautiful son, who I cherish. My partner appears to be cutting me out of my family's life. You see I am highly educated but am currently working in a low paying job. I pay my way for my family, but I think that my partner thinks she can do better, and seems to suggest through her words about how people can move on. I have no trouble with that, but the problem is with losing my child who she refuses to carry my name. I do not want my child being taken from me and being told some lie about me in the future and being pawned from man to man, and calling someone else "father". I AM his father and I am still alive and want him in my life - whatever happens to us grown ups. My son is my son, and I am not a sperm donor. If I knew of such a scheme from the start, I would have had my family with someone else.

Not every dad is a villain and keen to bolt it at the first site of a baby.

What do you women think?


Jodi - posted on 09/22/2015




I think you need a lawyer. Your son's mother has no right to cut you out. You can't control the name that goes on the birth certificate, but you can prevent any name being changed. You can also demand a right to joint custody and visitation of your child. Depending on the level of custody, you may end up responsible for some level of child support, but if you end up with 50/50 custody and visitation, and she earns more, then she may actually owe you. Talk to a lawyer and absolutely fight for your rights. And remember, this isn't just about your rights - your child has a right to have you in his life too.

Good luck.

Raye - posted on 09/22/2015




There are a lot of women that think that, since they carry the baby inside them, that the father is not a part of the process. It took two to make the baby. He is half your DNA, half hers, and he does deserve to have both parents in his life. It's hard for some people to separate their own wants from what their children need. Many people (fathers and mothers) feel that it's better for them to cut ties, move on, and not have to deal with co-parenting. True, that is the "easiest" thing, but easy is not always right. I am a step-mom, and I deal with the daily struggles of co-parenting with my husband and his ex. It's a very hard thing sometimes. But you have to focus on the child and know that they are better off being able to have a relationship with both their natural parents.

I agree with Jodi, you need to fight for your rights in court. Don't be spiteful and "get back at" her for the failed relationship or for trying to alienate you. Just stick to the facts that you ARE the father and want to be included in your child's life.


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