I am a mother of 17 years old, am from India ,he never listen to me when i ask him to study, he himself says that he is not interested in studies,and he thinks that he has to study because he won't get a job if he doesn't study, so he is forced to study, he is in 11th standard, we sometimes have an heated argument over his carelessness and lazy attitude, his father keeps calm, and advice me not say anything to him coz he will suffer one day when he will grow up, is he right? and he always with his cell phone messaging and chatting with his girlfriends and boy friends ,he even keeps his cell phone locked to hide his daily activity. I ask him to unlock the phone but he simply ignore me, his father is not interested in his activity, please suggest, what should I do to handle this kind of situation??? my son is average in studies, I know if he study hard he can obtain good grades he has that much potential. Thank you


Audrey - posted on 11/20/2012




There is a simple solution. You need to have a concequence for his poor behavior. anytime he is out of line or dose not follow house rules you give him a consequence and stick to it. If you are paying for his cell phone or any other items , tell him in a calm voice , i will turn off your cell phone and stick to it. This works in our house, my husband and I are raising twin boys. we never shout or get upset. when they do not do as they are told we give them a concequence. The only trick to it , YOU HAVE TO STICK BY THE CONCEQUENCE. do not give in. believe me the calmer you are and the more united you are with your husband you will win. take away his extra luxuries and he will not like it.

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