I am a mother of 3 children I attend college and I am job searching I am also married to husband that complains I do not keep the house clean to his standards I feel like a circus monkey I can not manage all of this any advice?


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Ashley - posted on 12/26/2012




since you are in school, he should be able to help out with the house and kids. the kids can help too. give them a chore list that must be done every day, and if they dont do it, take something away until they realize it has to be done. if your husband doesnt like how you clean, then he can help do it, or he can do it himself. simple as that.

Mardi - posted on 12/26/2012




He has several options, a few that co me to mind are.....
1. Do it himself
2. Pay a cleaner to come and do it for him
3. Leave and then clean up everything himself

You are I take it, trying to better your future by attending college. You dont say how old your children are, but as a mum of 3 myself, and a devoted mother that works around her husband and childrens needs, I have done a lot of part time work and spent a lot of time unemployed to be available for them and their needs. Next year, I go back to full time work, and I'm doing it selfishly, I repeatedly tell them they will have to get themselves around, do their own washing etc, help out around the house more, I wont be doing it all, and I wont be expected to. But its time for me to get myself back and help out the family finacially, I have done the groung work with the kids and taught them the basics, so they can do it, but being teens, they struggle with the actuallity of it all. I know I will get a bit of greif, but have used a lot of this past year whilst job hunting, teaching them what they need to keep the house cleanish, their washing up to date etc, I have made it easy for them, but by not working just took it all on as my job, now giving it back and sharing it around will come with its own adjustment phase,

Tell your husband what you are up to doing, anything over and above that he can do himself or pay to have done, but you are only one person and can only do so much.

For a joke, you could tell himn your super mum outfit shrunk in the wash and your waiting on the replacement in the post.

Michelle - posted on 12/24/2012




Tell him that if he doesn't like the way the house is he's more than welcome to help with the cleaning.

He needs to understand a marriage is a partnership and bot have a responsibility to help out the other when it's needed.

Elizabeth - posted on 12/24/2012




What is he doing that he can't help out?seems like there needs to be a balance of delegated household duties.

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