i am a mother of five children ages 1,4,5,10,12 the two oldest are step children but i have been with them since they were two and three i joined this website to ask questions hopefully get helpful answers and just not to feel alone i am a stay at home mom i am with the kids everyday hour their father helps when he is here but its not really the same as a break is it wrong of me to just want one day just to myself to be in my home for one day all by myself does this make me a bad mother?


Serene - posted on 07/19/2014




No it doesn't make you a bad mother, sometimes we need a break. I am a single parent with two kids ages 4,and 6 and there is sometimes that I just want a break myself. When I get them to go outside and play thats kind of my break and bedtime.
You have a 12 year old is she mature or do you trust her with the younger kids? Let her watch her sister and brothers one day and go and get a pedi or medicure, or shopping or even a nice back massage. What ever you feel like doing. Yes, we all feel and deserve a break.


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Judy - posted on 07/20/2014




Thank you for that I have never actually even thought about asking my oldest to babysit but its a good idea I will definitely try ty

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