I am a serious germophobe - a big problem having 3 1/2 year old b/g twins. I'm trying to figure out how to use a public bathroom with them without going absolutely crazy about their touching everything. Any ideas?

Randi - posted on 12/30/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just feel that these bathrooms are hotbeds of bacteria and I can't figure out how to minimize the contact without driving my kids crazy.


Teresa - posted on 12/30/2011




Yeah, me and public bathrooms. I fear them. They are loud, and everybody uses them. I wipe the seat first, then sit, on my hands (I can wash those after) if it's clean enough. If not I squat. I flush with my feet. My son, of course came with me, and he witnessed this many times. So he kinda had the idea. I'm just glad he stands now, unless of course he must sit. In my opinion, when it comes to public bathrooms, you can't be too cautious, especially when you have these two people that have no concept of where hands should and should not go after touching things, like their faces, eyes, nose MOUTH. I wouldn't worry about driving them crazy, just getting them in and out cleanly.


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Bonnie - posted on 12/31/2011




Yeah I also fear for my kids as they want to touch everything while in there. I just keep telling them to try not to touch and they wash up afterwards. I always keep hand sanitizer with me as well.

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Awww yeah I can totally understand. I cant think of anything to help :/ sept just try to haev them use the bathroom at home first? But then again it's good to build up resistance to the outside world? Or wait hey carry around wipes that disinfect? Wash their hands with them :)

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