I am a single mother and have a biracial son, I considering a move to idering moving to Seattle. I currently live in albuquerque NM, I am biracial myself and have always felt like an outcast here. It is not a great place to live if you are biracial. I was just wondering if Seattle was a good place for my son who is black and white to be raised.


JuLeah - posted on 06/27/2011




Well.... Seattle is VERY diverse. And, you can say you know one who lives here ... BUT ... Seattle is not like any other place I have ever lived .... ever. I have lived in many places and never struggled to find community or make friends. I have been here since 2007 and do not have a single friend ... I volunteer, I greet people on teh street, I belong to a faith based group .... still, no community and no friends. I am told that is normal here. Seattle is defined as 'chilly' in that people are hurried, rushed, busy ... and have no time to talke with people .... it is expensive, dirty ... traffic and parking is insane ... As much as I'd love to potentialy have a possible friend, I would advice you not to move here ....


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Kayla - posted on 06/29/2011




Having lived in Spokane, Wa and travelled to Seattle Wa several different times a year I would suggest it. Yes the Seattle area can have it's snooty people but so can everywhere else. I am really shocked to hear JuLeah's response. I don't know what area she lives in but maybe she should try hanging out in the Kent/Black Diamond/Federal Way area. I have family in those area and more and I have never had any kinds of problem with making friends over there. Infact I myself want to move over there. But the Seattle area is a very big city area and it does rain there ALOT, it rains there so much that they technically have a rainforest in the National park. A good thing about that is that it really doesn't snow there a whole lot and the rain can be nice during long hot summers. Another place you may consider is Spokane. It is on the other side of the state. It has more of a big town/small city feel. Both places are really good with Biracial-couples/people (especially Seattle-there are sooooo many different cultures/racies there)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/27/2011




Is there any specific reason you are looking only towards Seatle? After what Juleah said i would be avoiding moving there for sure!

Lora - posted on 06/27/2011




Hi Michelle, I don't know anything about NM but I have lived in the East and also the deep south. I live now in KS. I guess I don't pay any attention to obnoxious morons but I havn't noticed any problems here. Like I said I live in KS now, in a small midwest town. My youngest son goes to a private Luthern school where he is the only bi-racial child. He has no problems there. There are mostly white children and a few black children. My black husband and I lived in the deep south before he passed. We got looks but I got real good at not paying any attention to them. I think that it's important for you to feel like you belong no matter where you live. If you feel like you belong then your children will also feel like they belong.

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I would think so. JuLeah is correct when it comes to many adults. The really rich around here are asses and elitests. However, I haven't seen anything that stems from a racial hate.

I am not a good person with the friendship thing, since I'm an extreme introvert and have a hard time socializing in person.

Some of it can really depend on the area around Seattle. Tacoma seems to have more racial issues, while some of the smaller cities are a bit better. Bellevue is where the rich elitests hang out, they are mean, like the popular girl in school mean.

My daughter's swim teacher and close friend is mixed, not just black, but asian, and white as well. I haven't noticed once him having any issues because of it; in fact the opposite, he's often requested because of it (they want a good adult role model). Another family that we know hasn't had issues either. The wife is white and the husband black; they've really only encountered problems when traveling.

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