I am a stay at home mom and I really want to take advantage and start my sons education early.

Emily - posted on 01/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi,I am a stay at home Mom with a 9 yr old daughter and 1 yr old son. I really want to take advantage of this time and start my sons education early. I am looking for suggestions on what to begin with. What can he comprehend? At what age are there computer games he will understand? Believe it or not he started watching Sesame street st 5 months old!! Now he loves it! Maybe something related to that? Any help would be great!!


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Dove - posted on 01/02/2013




Read to him, play with him, sing to him, and talk to him about the world around him.

Best way to educate a toddler. Don't have a computer or tv teach your kid. Granted, there is nothing wrong with an hour or so a day (especially over 2 years old), but personal interaction is a much better teacher.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/02/2013




How about instead of the tv or computer, read a lot to him. Play with blocks of different shapes and colors, and go over them while playing. Magnetic numbers on the fridge, paper and crayons to draw with. But most of all, read to him.

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