I am a stepmom of 3 boys what right do i have to my step sons who i take care of the majority of their time?

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I am a stepmom of 3 boys, my husband has custody of all 3. Their mother has just in the past month started getting them for visitation. She has had problems with the law, drugs and CPS. Her and me do not get along she likes to dicipline to the point where her boys were scared of her and since shes now ok to get them, says the court system, shes been giving the boys whatever they want when they ask for it and now we have to deal with the repercussions. She has no job, no income whatsoever, no vehicle(she wrecked it cuz she was drunk), she has no house she lives with her bf at his dads!! She keeps telling the boys that i am not their mother and that i have no say in what they do and that thier father is not capable of taking care of them! We have taken care of them, made them happy, gotten them to school, made sure they have a meal on the table for supper and they have clothes that fit and are clean!! I make sure they arent babied but treated with respect and given as much love as i can give them!! what right do i have with these kids and what right does she have to tell them that when she hasnt taken care of them their whole lives!?


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Legally? Unless you have a court order stating otherwise... none. Morally? All and she should NOT be saying things like that.

When my now ex-sister-in-law was going through a cancer scare (few years ago)... my brother's biggest fear was that if she died he would lose his stepson (who he's raised since 2.5 and the guy was in his late teens... NOW is 18) to the man who hasn't seen him since he was 8... since my brother had no legal rights even though morally and practically it was HIS son.

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