I am about to give my daughter (4 months) her first foods. Should I be giving water to her? She is 100% breastfed.


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I just started my son on solids, he is also 100% breastfed. Our doctor gave the okay at 4 months and we waited until 5 mainly because we kept forgetting to by the cereal for him. We have rice cereal right now and I mix it with water because my husband and I are going on a business trip at the end of the month and we have meetings every Wednesday night so anything I pump needs to be saved for that.

Good luck and maybe call your doctor with any questions, I've done that a couple times and a nurse got back to me rather quickly after talking to the doctor.

Belinda - posted on 09/03/2012




Talk to your pediatrician Rhoda, She shouldn't need solids at this stage, but I know how hard it is to wait for the 6 month mark. Water is a tricky subject, unless she is not getting enough breast milk does she need the water? Water is not generally recommended with babies .Again talk to your doctor.


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Rhoda - posted on 09/03/2012




My doc also gave the go on solid foods but in minimal amounts only. I am preparing on rice cereals too. However, I want to alternate some avocado or banana fruit. I am not just sure if I have to give separate water (other than the water in the rice cereal). I think the idea is as long as the baby gets enough water from the breastmilk, she'll stay hydrated. Thanks a bunch!

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