I am almost 40 and have 3 three wonderful children 17,22 and 24, they are great kids and I am very proud of them. I am in a new relationship and we have just found out that i pregnant i am so confused deep down i am very excited and happy at the thought of being a mum again but my eldest two kids are disgusted and reacted very bad and have said they do not want anything to do with me or the baby. Me and kids have always been close and i am so worried that by having this baby i will lose them. any advice would be appreciated


Tee - posted on 09/07/2012




From one gap mom to another the kids will come around. Granted my kids are a little younger than yours but my oldest was livid when he found out that I was pregnant. He told me that it was embarrassing and I was too old. By the time his sister was born he had totally did a 180 and was fine with it and loves his sister to death. The kids are 20, 8 and 2 now.

Embarrassment will fad as the pregnancy progresses. A few of my friends just had babies this year with grown children as well and went through this too.


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Bernice - posted on 09/07/2012




thank you for your reply. No they don't have any children i think they are just embarrassed about what there friends will think. Some of there friends have recently had babies.

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