I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and im having a little boy , me and his father have done nothinh but break up and make up thru this whole pregnancy and has stressed me out and i dont know if i can trust him to be there for our son if he cant even be stable now . what should i do about the birth certificate? Do i pu his name on i t or no? im so confused on what to do, I need advice any suggestions????? pls and thank u


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he's the father so yes. Its illegal to leave him off of the certificate if you know he's the father. Besides that, my boyfriend and i broke up quite a bit when i was pregnant with my first. After she was born we got along great....up until i got pregnant again. The second time around I realized it was because of my pregnancy hormones. I was crazy...lol . Even if its not the case with the two of you, your relationship has nothing to do with his relationship with his baby. The baby is his too and its wrong for you to deny him rights unless you have just cause. You guys not getting along is not a valid reason. Lots of parents don't like each other, but are great parents regardless.

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