I am desperate for breast feeding my second baby since I was not able to do so for my first baby. Dear Mothers, Please help me.

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I delivered my first daughter with a difficult labour of over 26 hours followed by the decision to do c-section due to complications. I was very tired emotionally and physically since it ended up in c-section after long hours of enduring labour pain, as i had to tolerate the c-section stitches too thereafter. I did not get enough breast milk. i just got 2 to 3 ounce of breast milk a day through electric pump. But it was not sufficient for my daughter, so she was introduced to formula from her day 5. she got 10 percent of breast milk and 90 percent of formula milk for a month. After that my milk was completely stopped as i did not get any in pumping.I kept trying by taking fenugeek, oats, garlic, medical supplements, lots of milk, tall glasses of water,etc. Sat with lactation consultant for hours. But nothing helped. From her second month she was 100 percent into formula only. I am very worried and stressful that I was not able to breast feed her and provide my best to her. I regret myself that I am a big sinner for not getting milk and feeling very guilty that I was not able to do my duty to her and strengthen her immmunity. She had drastic weight loss of 13% on her day 2 and was even diagnosed with RSV and cough on her week 3( may be she is not immune due to the lack of breast milk).Now I am planning for a second baby. Can anybody help me with necessary steps I should take to avoid this worst situation for my second baby. Please suggest everything I should follow to breast feed my second baby. Are there any foods i should eat more or any foods i should never eat to make my body to generate harmones to get breast milk this time. I am very fearful that i don't want bad things to happen this time.


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I think the big thing is that you need to educate yourself about breastfeeding. There is so much misinformation out there

Here is some basic info.

The best way to make sure you have a good supply is to nurse on demand. Supply works on supply and demand, so the more you nurse the more you will make. The best way to determine if baby is getting enough is by diaper count. Don't judge supply by baby's behavior (example, baby wanting to nurse all the time DOES NOT mean your supply is low.

Pumping is not an accurate reflection of supply, because baby is much more efficient than a pump. Also, average output is 1/2 to 2 oz TOTAL.

Kellymom.com is a great resource. It's got great info

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