I am going after custody of my daughter and have been the sole provider for her since she has been born . Her dad has threatened my life 257 times all are saved on my computer. I was informed by my lawyer to not allow her to go out to where he lives but to allow him to see her whenever her would like to. I have done just that and he said he won't come here to see her, and with Christmas coming her wants me to send her out to his home town for 2 days and said he would sign and papers I would wish for him to sign so I would get her back. I personally don't know why the family and him can't come to see her here and why I should go against what my lawyer has said . I fell like it's a trap. Then I think about my daughter and how much she would love to see the family and they have phoned me asking for her to be able to visit and they have sworn that I will get her back, Any advice would greatly help. The other thing I have considered on doing is making a trip out there so she could see everyone for the day ????


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If a man threatened my life once (not to mention 257 times!) there's no way in hell I'd let my child go anywhere w/ him unless a court order told me I had to.... father or not.

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In the end, the choice is yours. Allowing her to go away from you for any length of time though could be a big problem for your case in the future. If she's old enough to go for these 2 days now, it'll be a week next year, a month the next, and 50/50 after that potentially. If he's good for her, great! If you feel he's a danger though and you have what you believe is proof of this, and you send your daughter with him and harm comes to her, it is your fault and you can be charged with abuse or neglect or even as an accomplice to it. Also, once she is in his physical custody, most states say that custody is 9/10 of the law. This means that if he actually is the one holding her, he gets to keep her if he wants to. This is not true everywhere, but is true often. Listen to your lawyer. He's paid for a reason.


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Naomi - posted on 12/19/2011




thanks, for your replies, I am sticking to my choice and listening to my lawyer, if they want to see her they can come visit her at my house !!!

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